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Friday, October 29, 2010

No carbs = no baked potatoe

I was in the mood for a baked potato with broccoli, sour cream and cheese. However, I am on no carbs (except for breakfast) for a month, so .... I just had steamed broccoli, sour cream and cheese. It was almost as good. And, I did not let my taste buds rule my eating!! Yea for me.

My girls helping in kitchen

This is a photo of my daughters watching me make a Thanksgiving pie in 1976. I wanted them to learn to enjoy cooking even that young.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


No, I do not mean age or weight. I’m talking about underclothing. When I was in high-school in the 1960s we called brassieres, bras. We still do but why did we do it back then? The word brassiere was taboo. You did not mention that word just like you did mention (or show) private body parts, especially in mixed company. There was a lady on television who used to advertise a certain bra. She showed it over her outer-clothing. Times have changed. Now people wear all sorts of tops that are supposed to be an outer-wear and they cover less than that bra did!
Then there are the panties, or as when I was a kid, we call them step-ins. Why? Logical. They used to cover you whole bottom. Now it seems its fashion show your panty lines through your outer-clothing.
SLIPS (in another post this same day)
Then lastly, but not least there are the pantyhose. Have you ever done a pull-wiggle? You know, during the day the material has stretched and started sliding down your body. You try to discreetly pull up on them to get them back into place.
Sometimes, I put them on without realizing I turn one leg around until it is almost on. They are our such a pain, and I hate taking them off to change it so stubbornly I decide to wear them the way they are. After walking around for a few moments, I feel like my leg is crooked, and finally give in to take care the problem.
Then what happens when you get a run in one leg of your pantyhose? It’s a shame to throw them away. The other leg is still good. So you save it until you have two of the same shade. Then you can cut off the bad legs and wear them together. If it is the kind that make you look slimmer than that you can look twice as slim. Right?
I have started wearing knee-highs. With them, you have to make sure your dress is long enough to cover them, so you do not look like an old lady with her socks sliding down her leg. But, then, I am getting to be an old lady, so why does it matter? And, you have to make sure the colors of each match.
One Sunday morning at church, though, I was able to bless someone when the knee-highs did match. During the church service, I noticed that I had on a black one and a navy blue one. I also noticed that there was a younger woman who looked a little depressed. After church, I went and sat down beside her. After exchanging pleasantries, I pulled up the hem of my dress a little and told her to look at my nylons. She had a good laugh and it helped her feel better.

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Last night, when washing my hands, I realized my slip had not come down so I discreetly reached up to pull it down and explained to the young girl standing there. She looked at me oddly. I asked, "Do you know what a slip is?" She shook her head. I said, "It's an old-fashioned thing." and walked out. I have learned that most of the newer generation does not know what a slip is. A few years ago when I went into a department store to buy one, the young sales clerk stared at me as if I were an alien. I had to describe the function of a slip to her, then she vaguely recalled what it was. And, no they did not carry them.

Here is something I wrote a while back:

Slips: I have a love-hate relationship with these articles of undergarments. Slips are wonderful to wear under clothing. It makes me feel more dressed and keep people from seeing through my clothing, but static cling drives me nuts. The slip creeps up around my buttocks and I try to reach up for it without anyone seeing me. Or I try to make it to the ladies’ room and hope no one notices this bunch material around me that makes my hips look larger than normal. Then there are the slip straps. They are always falling down around my shoulder. Those stay-lock things just do not keep them in place. I enjoy the first time I wear a new slip. It feels so good and the straps are nice and stay in place. Then I wash it and some how after being in the machine they are never the same. The straps twist up and can not be straightened right again. If I have on a sleeveless dress then the strap is there for all to see, but at least I can push it back in ... and push it back in .... If I have sleeves then I have to reach in through the neck line to grab for it.

Then, of course, there’s the length of the slips. I keep saying that one day all my dresses and slips are going to be the same lengths so I will not have to worry. In a crowd another lady passes you and whispers, “You are snowing down south” or some other subtle hint. I really do appreciate their concern, but, so what! Like I can do something about it now. Sometimes I want to scream, “I like lace around the bottom of my skirt. Leave me alone!” Well what I do is head for the ladies’ room and have it out with my slip for slipping. I wonder where it got its name?

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Slips Wikkipedia definition

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Toy

I got a new computer yesterday. It really is not a toy, because I shall use it for our business, as I research to write etc. It is a small one I can take with me here and there. I have been learning the basics for the new system. What was weird is that when I went to hotmail and cleared it out with this one, I found all the items still there on the home PC. Weird. Gonna check that again later. And, there were 2 emails with comments from Sharon way back in February, that came in as well as an email from 2009! Weird again!
Well, I hope I figure it all out so it will help me with my writing!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Chocolate Candies

I like dark chocolate. That is, up to about 70 % or so. After that, it is too bitter. I have recently cut back, though, so am not eating as much. I miss it, but try not to think about it. 'Spring' cleaning is helping keep my mind off it. ;) Dove Candies are my favorites and I like the neat sayings. My fellow workers did, also. And you'd see little gold foils taped to their section at work to remind them or the good thoughts. One time, a lady read a saying and then the name of the person and realized it she knew the person!
A couple of my favorite promises are:
Smile - It increase your face-value (by Lisa in Linden, NJ)
Sometimes good enough really is good enough! ( Nancy Lansing, IL) That reminded me of the entry I wrote about "know your limits".
Well, I thought, it would be neat to make a page of the sayings I like (or could I legally do that?), then being I am trying to cut back and do less, I thought, Maybe Dove has a page ... and they do! Here is the link. Dove Promises You can email them to your friends, too!
I guess I'd better get back to my chore before I indulge in a piece of dark chocolate!

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Too much stuff!

I don't know about other countries, but we Americans have too much STUFF! Whew! Why do we think we have to buy so many things?? I have been organizing/straightening my house this week. With working for 5 months, then our trip, I have only done 'lick and promise' cleaning and straightening. Things sure did pile up. And so many little things I have to decide where to put or to throw out. My yard sale pile is getting bigger and bigger.
Why, oh why do we buy so much stuff? And, this year, we have cut back on buying inside things because we know we don't have room in our small place! Oh well, guess I will get up from here, stop whining and get back to work. Mighty glad I can still move around and clean house!! Now, that puts a different light on cleaning!

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I just went to their home page and found this handy guide for shelf life. It is a PDF file and can be printed off.
ZIPLOCK shelf life guide

Monday, October 18, 2010


Today, on facebook I saw an item about bionic burgers and how a man stuffed a fast-food hamburger in his pocket and forgot about it for a year. When he found it, it still looked the same, so he started a museum in his basement of hamburgers. Has anyone heard about this? That was 18 years ago.

Man's "Burger Museum" Reveals Why McDonald's Profits Increased by 80% in 2008

****  Now, there happens to be 2 real Bionic Burger restaurants in Kansas, so we need to not confuse the two!

Bionic Burger Restaurant

new speaking opportunity

The Charlton Public Library will host a book talk/signing on

Monday, November 08, 2010 at 6:30 pm with author Belinda Jo Adams.
Mrs. Adams will talk about all 4 books she has written, but “The Lure of Alaska” is the latest published and the main character is from Georgia, so that will be the featured book for her program.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Updated Web Page

While on our trip someone showed me how to make easier web pages. I knew there were ways, but I kept using the HTML code because I had my own templates and all I had to do was change the wording. That is why our web page looks so much the same. But, then they say your web page is not supposed to change so much from page to page and confuse people.
Anyway, the new way is with Wordpress and being I already had it on our web page as a blog, I have been playing with it for making web pages. If you want to check out what I have done, you can go to our web page, then click on the S&B Blog to see it. The blog comes up and at the top are the links to the pages I've made so far.  One of those pages is the diary of our trip with photos. We were finally able to go see the grandchildren .... and their parents. :)

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Friday, October 8, 2010


... are such wonderful people. Just wished we could see ours more often. Of course, we enjoy our time with them when we do get to see them. It is amazing how much they change from year to year.
This year, while visiting our 11 year old granddaughter, I mentioned that we could write each other and she said, "Hey, we can be pen-pals!" That is what I hope to do. I picked up a post card and have it ready to start the process. We took purses that a friend made to the granddaughters. They are yarn drawstring, and when you turn them inside out, they are bassinets with baby dolls in them. They were a hit! Of course, in our day, the 4 yr old, turned the doll around and pretended it was watching TV.

Our youngest grandson (age 6) is usually only a 'mama's boy' but this year when I held out my arms to him, he came over and snuggled up to me. I felt it an honor to share in that special few minutes!
Last night we got to go and watch him play baseball and he made two hits to bases. I even got one on a movie. Now, I have movies of all my grandsons playing baseball. We get to see 2 more games!
We got to help the boys with their homework, listening to the spell words and read to us.
Well, now to leave the computer and enjoy them some more when they get in from school.

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