Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grocery List

Speaking of a grocery list, many years ago, I made up a one page list in MS Excel. If anyone wants a copy of it, you can email me and I will send it to you. FREE! :)
You will have a base to custom fit it for you.


Sandra said...

I have one of these too. I typed up every single thing I buy and print up 12 each year. I buy once a month. Each month I just pull one out and go through the cabinets. If I have used something up and it's gone, I would forget, but with this list, if it's not there then I know I need it, and if I have enough for another month I just cross it out. It is so nice to not forget things at the grocery store. I wouldn't go without my list!

Barbara said...

Yep I sure need a list, if I don't write it down, then I forget it, I go through my cabinets once a month too, and write down what I am out of, is there an easier way?

Sharon said...

I did the same thing! I was surprised at my long list. Most of it being spices and herbs which take up a lot of space in my cabinet. Thinking about getting rid of those I do not use very often. After all, my mother rarely used herbs and spices in her cooking when I was growing up. It was, "Pass the salt and pepper, please." :)