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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Weight Loss Celebration

Being I try to eat 'fit for life' most of the time, and really like the carb meals better than the meat meals, I realized I was eating too many carbs, so I started in Feb watching how many I ate of them and limiting, but not doing without. And also, trying to exercise more.
As of July, I had lost 8 lbs & 8 inches!!!! I reached my goal, but am trying to lose 5 more pounds so I can 'play' in that 5 lb area. :)

S. A. D.

The standard American diet is SAD. I heard this mentioned at a talk a few years ago when  woman spoke on healthy eating. I did not know at that time it was so 'talked about'. I am not going to include the links I found on it. But, if you are concerned with your family's nutrition, it would be good to search it for yourself. We know we don't eat right on the most part, but we keep doing so ... and then paying the medical bills for our poor choices.

What is Food Combining

Food combining is a way of eating where you eat certain foods with other certain foods that work well together in your body's system. Understanding how your body digests various types of foods is very important. Digestion is much easier and more efficient when only certain foods are eaten with each other.

Mainly, it is eating meat and vegetables or starch and vegetables. Not mixing fruit with other foods. Desserts: eating them alone or leaving them alone! etc. But can go a lot more into detail, even confusing, being the sites I looked at a few years ago, sometimes did not even agree with what foods went with which other foods.

Then of course, as with everything else there is the controversy. This way of eating sure does not go along with the standard American diet which is so SAD.

But, if you want to do a search yourself and study it, here are a few links. I do not know the people behind the pages, except for ‘Ten Talents’. Many years ago, someone jokingly gave me the cook-book. I liked it, but thought it was a little far-out, so along the way, I got rid of it with one of our moves. Now, I wished I had not, but a new one is $35 … and being I do not know for sure if I want it again, that’s a lot of money. (this is the chart I bought)
   the new book              the old book

Fit for Life

I wrote this item before I started working, but did not get it posted. Here it is now.

I am not saying for you to go buy their book or join their weight –loss plan. I want to give you my ‘testimony’ of how I discovered Fit-for-life and how it has helped me. I have had digestive problems since I was a kid. My mama told me a story today about when I was 3 years old and was constipated. It was a cute story. When I heard it, I realized I’d had the problems since I was 3!

While I lived in Germany, some of my friends were on the Fit-for-Life way of eating to lose weight and feel better. They suggested I do so. I had tried many different types of diets to help me control the ten-fifteen pounds I deal with most of the time. (I figure if I can keep that off, then maybe I won’t gain way much more than I want to gain.) I did not want to try another diet or read another book on healthy stuff, so I just smiled.

Then, one day I was in a thrift store looking at books. On a shelf, all by itself lay a Fit-for-Life book, with the title facing me. Now, I looked at that book, and thought maybe God wanted me to read it, so I chose it. As I read it, I realized a lot of it talked about the same issues that I had heard a speaker talk about only a few months earlier.

I have followed the FFL way of eating for about 5 years now, most of the time. It is hard to do so when we eat out or have church dinners, eat with friends, etc. But, I figure if we do so at home, when those events happen, then that is our splurge-times. We just have to balance the splurges.  When I eat FFL, I do feel better and don’t battle with my digestive problems as much.