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Monday, February 6, 2012

An Answer

A few months ago, I posted a message to a friend that I had lost communication with, to contact me.  SHE DID!!!!

A Good Movie for History

Homeschoolers (and others:) : If you can find the movie Lafayette-The Lost Hero, it is a good one to watch for US / French Revolutions. And to know why there are so many places n America named Lafayette. I watched it on Netflix. Also, I watched the Revolutionary War series documentary. A good watch for anyone who wants to have a review of our country's beginnings. If you don't have time to watch all 13 episodes, watch the last two. They are a review of all.
If you type in Revolutionary war, you will come up with more. I have them in my queue.

We signed up for Netflix a couple months ago for the base plan. It is so nice to watch TV without commercials! Of course, we watch oldies, but we can  also watch them without too much embarrassment, also.

What happens when we cook food – understanding acrylamide formation (EUFIC)

What happens when we cook food – understanding acrylamide formation (EUFIC)

Wow, just when I thought I was doing so good. Another reason not to eat French fries and potato chips.
But, Breads, coffee and prunes, too?! Gotta think about that one!