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Saturday, September 1, 2018

South Beach Diet Plan

During the past 20 years, I have been trying to lose 20 pounds.  I could make the first 10 go away, but the second 10 refused to budge, no matter what plan I tried. So my weight was up and down within the first 10 lb area.
The last of July, I went to the doctor for physical problems and he advised me to do the South Beach diet plan. I had heard of it, but thought it was some fancy diet for rich people. It was actually started by a doctor in Florida concerned for his heart / diabetic patients.
August 1, 2018, I started the South Beach diet plan.
We went straight to the library from the doctor's office and checked out the cook book with an introduction to the program at the beginning. The librarian ordered the SB book from another library for me, also.
I did the Phase 1 for 14 days. I lost about 4-5 pounds. But, more importantly, I could tell I was slimmer around my mid section of my body. I had to take up some of my pants to make them slimmer.
But, most importantly, is what I cannot see, and that is how it is helping me with my symptoms. I had blood work done after the 2 weeks, and my levels were better than they were 6 months ago.
After going onto Phase 2, I gained back part of the weight, but am keeping off the inches, for now. I am being careful not to eat too much, but eat enough to get the nutrients I need. And eat the right foods that are on the list and avoid the other ones. And exercise, at least 30 min a day.
Well, that is so far on the South Beach diet plan. I plan to continue it and see what happens monthly and for my blood work a year from now. Yes, the doctor said I could go a year this time! Yea.
So …. Time will tell.

Update: What allergy?

Now, for a much glad-for bonus. I am coughing less. Even less than I was by coming off gluten for the last 3 years. With that, I was coughing about half as much. Now, even less! 
So, my question is what else that I came off the first week was causing my cough? Was it other grain than wheat/gluten? Rice was ok. Quinoa seemed to be ok. I was off all grains. But the second phase I added back in those two and seemed fine. Then for a day I tried oats and another day, corn. I still did not cough all the time, but was a bit congested in my chest. I will have to check that out over time, because it could also been other factors (smells, animals etc). 
Someone suggested milk. I thought about that, but I had milk products during that time. However, I did decide to stay off milk products this week and see what happens as I try the oats and corn again.
I was also off sugar, honey, raisins, figs, pineapple, potatoes and starchy veggies. 
I am using a little bit of honey when needed right now and it seems ok. 
I was at someone’s house with a dog Sunday, so now I am congested, and am delaying the tries until I don’t feel congested. Maybe tomorrow.

We went to Pizza Inn yesterday. I ate without worrying about it just to see. However, I did watch how much I ate. This morning I am more congested. Now, was it the milk products … or the wheat … or both?  ~~ sigh ~~

PRAISE - I have lost a couple more pounds!! It has been 6 weeks now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Zucchini Pizza Crust; veggie style

Recently, I saw several post for Zucchini Pizza crust. Since, I am on a no-grain eating schedule right now, I decided to give it a try. I also recently discovered garbanzo flour so I was able to use that as the 1/4 c. flour one of the recipes called for.  I started with several recipes from online and came up with what I could eat. I made it a veggie pizza, also so I had my carb, protein and veggies.  It was so good I wanted to eat it all! But, got full after 4 pieces. So, now I have something for one of those snacks I am supposed to have during the day tomorrow and the next day!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Flutter By Fan Blade

Flutter By Fan Blade

We took down a ceiling fan last week. Had to replace it with a new one because it was making a noise. While looking at the blades laying on the counter, I thought … hummm … what can I do with it.

So, this is what I came up with. Stickers at my favorite hobby store at 40% off along with a ribbon and buttons from my sewing supply and ta-da!