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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Am Just Not Dainty

I like to dress casual and tie my hair back in a ponytail when working around the house or writing. I am not good at dressing up and acting ladylike. Sometimes, though, I need to dress up for various occasions. Now they all say ‘clothes make the man’ and I do believe it to some extent, but not always.
For example, when our daughter got married some friends gave her bridal shower. I felt I should dress the part of the ‘mother of the bride’ and donned my nice clothes and tried to act lady like. I did a pretty good job until I decided to stand for some reason or the other. I forgot my cup was on the floor and I stepped to it, splashing punch everywhere ... or so it seemed at the moment.
One of my sisters-in-law is an elegant person and likes to have fancy dinners when we all get together. It is nice to have this time to enjoy all her fineries of life. I refuse to help with the dishes though. Not because I am afraid of work but because I am afraid I will break something! One day, I felt bad because I was not helping so I picked up a stack of plates and headed for the kitchen. Stubbing my toe on the fireplace, I started going down. I regained my balance and set the dishes on the table. After that, I limit did myself to napkin rings, silver and anything else non- breakable.
Once, our refrigerator stopped working. I decided to make a pot of soup out of the freezer contents. I called a senior citizen neighbor to ask if she wanted some. When she opened the door, I entered, only to trip on the threshold. Down I headed. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw a foot stool and turned my body toward it. Landing across it on my stomach I gently set the hot food on the floor only spilling a couple drops.
I guess all this started at three years old of age when I backed up in a store and much to my parents’ dismay, sat in a crate of eggs. I try not to let all these things get to me, but it does become embarrassing sometimes. God created each one of us with our own traits and I guess been dainty just ain’t one of mine!

© Belinda Jo Adams