Monday, February 14, 2011


Have you seen that on products before? It is usually because the size is bigger or has 'bonus' ounces, etc. But, have you seen them say that about the shrinking packaging they are good at recently?! No, I suppose not! I read an article in Consumer Reports today about it and told my husband. He said the toilet paper in each bathroom was a different size. Then, I remembered! Last week, when I changed the roll, I thought the holder looked a little longer than normal, but went on about my business of the day and forgot. So, I got to looking and reading, and yes, they downsized the toilet paper we use! Maybe we would not have noticed if they had changed the size the other way!

Last week, I bought Lysol cleaner (the concentrated one) and when I opened it, I said I wished I had an older bottle, for I do believe they have diluted it! But, I can't be sure about that being I'm just going on memory. hehehe
Well, let's enjoy our skinnier products. At least something is losing weight and size!

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