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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Next Post

I have been enjoying hitting next post and seeing different sites ... until yesterday. I don't plan to hit it again for I saw one that I REALLY wish I had not see. So, be careful with that button!

My Signature

OK, I did it. Does that mean I have to paste in the code each time?
If you don't know about the signature thing, there is a link at the bottom of my sidebar.
Or you could go to Kristy's and she explains the steps and has a link.

Quiet Moments

I am a pretty busy person. It is hard for me to sit still and have quiet time. I don't know if God or society made me this way, but I am on the go almost constantly. During the years, I have tried to slow myself down, and have tremendously, but I still move from one project to another without taking down time. Sometimes, my husband says it seems to cause me more stress to try to slow down than to go ahead and do all my projects. Recently, due to health issues, I am realizing that I must do so, though.
I like to drink a cup of coffee or herbal tea (really weak) and eat a piece of dark chocolate as a treat. I rarely finish the drink. This morning, I sat and relaxed while finishing the drink, while looking out the window at nature. 1 time of relaxation! Yea. Then, later, I sat at my vanity and rubbed my feet with cream, while taking extra time to massage them a bit instead of hurrying at it. 2 times! yea. Hope I can keep taking those moments of quiet time for my health's sake.
BTW, my health is OK. It is mainly stress and I need to relax!


When our daughters were 1 and 3, our youngest called the older one, Who-Who instead of Crystal. The oldest one called the younger one Ra-rach instead of Rachael. We could understand Ra-rach, so much that it almost became a nickname, before we nipped it in the bud. But, we could not figure out Who-Who.
Years later, when they were teenagers and we lived in a two-story house, I stood on the first floor and called up to Crystal, “Crystal, Woohoo” (or however you spell that call we make) and then stopped in pause. Well, I guess that is where Who-Who had come from!