Friday, October 22, 2010

Chocolate Candies

I like dark chocolate. That is, up to about 70 % or so. After that, it is too bitter. I have recently cut back, though, so am not eating as much. I miss it, but try not to think about it. 'Spring' cleaning is helping keep my mind off it. ;) Dove Candies are my favorites and I like the neat sayings. My fellow workers did, also. And you'd see little gold foils taped to their section at work to remind them or the good thoughts. One time, a lady read a saying and then the name of the person and realized it she knew the person!
A couple of my favorite promises are:
Smile - It increase your face-value (by Lisa in Linden, NJ)
Sometimes good enough really is good enough! ( Nancy Lansing, IL) That reminded me of the entry I wrote about "know your limits".
Well, I thought, it would be neat to make a page of the sayings I like (or could I legally do that?), then being I am trying to cut back and do less, I thought, Maybe Dove has a page ... and they do! Here is the link. Dove Promises You can email them to your friends, too!
I guess I'd better get back to my chore before I indulge in a piece of dark chocolate!

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