Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That does not Compute

Computing can be a wonderful thing. Well, I don't know if I'd call it wonderful. But ... convenient ... fun ...adventurous ... aggravating .... tiresome ....

We recently updated to Windows 7. Which is a 64 bit. Which means many of our programs do not work with the update ... so that mean re-buying the ones we use a a lot and throwing out ones that no longer work (or giving them to people with older operating systems). We did this same thing a few years ago. I just know it is MS's way of selling more 'stuff'. They must get a percentage from all the other companies selling software. I think a computer nerd sits behind a screen .... bored ...coming up with new ways to do things ... and thinks, 'hey, I can do this little change and drive them all crazy! hehehehehe

Like when they changed File Manager to Windows Explorer ... not taking into consideration that there was already a Internet Explorer (or did they?) It took me forever to get used to that and I still call it file manager most of the time ... which is what it is, BTW, a file manager. Hello!!

Well, I think we almost have it how we want it again and I told my husband that this is the definite LAST time I go through this. I am too old to be jerked around by a bunch of young people designing new products to change the way things are done!!!! whew!!!!                       signature bja