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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Knowing your limits.

"What I can do is what I can do and what I can do is enough."
A quote that is in this book. A quote that I have used for over ten years to remind me of my limits when I or others try to make me do more than I know I can do physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

This morning, at the church, while cleaning, I knew that after I got the stove clean, that was going to be all I could do and not get too tired. With that and the combination of the chemical smells, I knew I had to leave, so I quoted the above to some ladies and told them about the book. They made a 'joke' of it and laughed. I wanted to tell them that they could laugh if they wanted, but I wished I had read that book when I was younger .... before I wore myself out. Maybe I would not have the ailments I now have .... if I had not tried to do everything everyone expected of me! I like a quote a friend told me once a few years ago, "I refuse to buy into the super-woman mentaility"

I saw a yellow butterfly today. It was enjoying our back yard.

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Saturday at home

Well sort of, first I went to the church and helped with the once a year spring cleaning day. As much as I could that is. I cleaned the stove and then they were ready to use chemicals to mop, so I left being I have allergies and can't be around all that stuff. Hummmm .... I wonder what it will smell like in the morning for church. Being I left, I decided to go spend some time with my folks before going home.

I had a whole lot to do at home and kinda wanted to just stay home and do those things, but I 'gave' first and you know what? God blessed my time at home and I got a whole lot accomplished in a short amount of time. My kitchen is now cleaner than it has been since I started work in March. And I did not have to use stinky cleaners! I basically use hot water and natural dish soap. And some natural spray cleaner when I need that type of cleaner. My house is clean and I can breathe! I am glad they came out with natural products. Before, I basically only used water to clean things!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I feel so helpless

‘Used to be’ I could open a potato chip bag, or those type, by pulling the end apart. Yeah, sometimes, I pulled it too hard and chips flew onto the floor, but at least I could open them without help. Nowadays, I have to get the scissors and cut the package open. I am making some rice-a-roni for supper. (I know it is not that healthy, but it is low-sodium now, whatever that means … and I am tired). Anyway, I could not get that little packet of spices open without going to get the scissors. Why oh why do they make life so hard?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Newspaper Article

Any one living in the area of the Waycross Journal-Herald Newspaper: There is an article on Page 13 about Belinda Jo Adams and The Lure of Alaska. Yea!!!!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

my job

Well, I have been doing a lot of different tasks at work. Today I substituted for the receptionist for a couple hours. I thought all she did was smile and buzz the door so we could come in. Little did I know! :) I have learned a lot about bookkeeping and learning as I go. Don't know how much longer I will be working, but I shall as long as I can so we can buy some of the 'toys' we want for the house and yard.

I have learned that I do not know how couples who both work ever have time to see each other! Now that my husband is working we seem to pass along the way and hope one or the other of us will do the chores around the house! I mentioned it at work today and two women told me that that is just the way they like it. Well, I don't. We still say we married each other to be with each other, so we will be glad when the job is over and we can do just that! Be together again. At least we do get to spend the nights togeher. It is not like when he was gone on a deployment!!!!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Day of Prayer.

I am offended … by the woman who said she is upset that the country is forcing her to pray. Hello! Nobody can force you to pray. Think about it! Prayer comes from the heart. True prayer can’t be forced. And I am offended by the people who say they are offended. I hear a lot of things that offend me. But, it is up to me to deal with it, not make those people stop doing what they are doing because it offends me! We do live in a free country!!!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Star Light Star Bright

Star Light Star Bright, first star I see tonight, Wish I may, Wish I might have the wish I wish tonight. That was a saying I knew as a child. And I believed it to some extent, just like wishing on a wishbone from a chicken. One time, I wished for a bike. I got it! I never rode it, though; for it was broken (I can't remember what). But, time or money never let it be fixed so it just sat there until it was tossed. I guess that goes along with the saying to be careful for what you wish (or pray) for!
Anyway, I saw a lone bright star in the sky last night after church and ... yes, I made a wish on it .... just for fun.

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