Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Way back, long time ago, when I was a young woman ... The USA got its sugar from Cuba. Something happened between the two countries and the price went up high .... so high we, as a young couple, could not afford it.So, we started cutting back, just a little at first, then increasing the amount that we left out of our tea until there was no sugar.
For many years we have drank unsweetened tea. People wondered how we were going to handle that when we retired and moved to the South. But, thankfully, many others have joined our ranks!
This week we stopped at a fast food to eat. I got unsweetened tea, but when it was time for the refill, the woman was busy (and it was behind the counter) so I went to the self-serve and filled my still half full container with ice and added just a mite of sweet tea, just to experiment. That little bit messed up the whole cupful! I sipped on it until I got home and filled it again with my unsweetened tea, but it still was too sweet for me.

Amazing what a little bit .....