Monday, November 22, 2010

Building our porch

It seems every time I try to start posting every day something comes up to keep me from it. But then, I am glad this item is coming up! One of the reasons we worked with the Census was to earn money for a front porch. It is becoming a reality. With friends and family pitching in to help, our dream is coming true and at a good speed! We sat on it yesterday! The trick is to get it to be stable without attaching it to the mobile home. Code office won't let it be attached. But, my hubby is figuring it out!

Almost done. But, it got cold. brrrr. Really, though he would still be working on it, but the stove at the church needed to be replaced and remodeling needed to be done because of it. But, I'd rather he be working inside. There will be some warm days again .... I am sure of it!