Thursday, October 28, 2010


No, I do not mean age or weight. I’m talking about underclothing. When I was in high-school in the 1960s we called brassieres, bras. We still do but why did we do it back then? The word brassiere was taboo. You did not mention that word just like you did mention (or show) private body parts, especially in mixed company. There was a lady on television who used to advertise a certain bra. She showed it over her outer-clothing. Times have changed. Now people wear all sorts of tops that are supposed to be an outer-wear and they cover less than that bra did!
Then there are the panties, or as when I was a kid, we call them step-ins. Why? Logical. They used to cover you whole bottom. Now it seems its fashion show your panty lines through your outer-clothing.
SLIPS (in another post this same day)
Then lastly, but not least there are the pantyhose. Have you ever done a pull-wiggle? You know, during the day the material has stretched and started sliding down your body. You try to discreetly pull up on them to get them back into place.
Sometimes, I put them on without realizing I turn one leg around until it is almost on. They are our such a pain, and I hate taking them off to change it so stubbornly I decide to wear them the way they are. After walking around for a few moments, I feel like my leg is crooked, and finally give in to take care the problem.
Then what happens when you get a run in one leg of your pantyhose? It’s a shame to throw them away. The other leg is still good. So you save it until you have two of the same shade. Then you can cut off the bad legs and wear them together. If it is the kind that make you look slimmer than that you can look twice as slim. Right?
I have started wearing knee-highs. With them, you have to make sure your dress is long enough to cover them, so you do not look like an old lady with her socks sliding down her leg. But, then, I am getting to be an old lady, so why does it matter? And, you have to make sure the colors of each match.
One Sunday morning at church, though, I was able to bless someone when the knee-highs did match. During the church service, I noticed that I had on a black one and a navy blue one. I also noticed that there was a younger woman who looked a little depressed. After church, I went and sat down beside her. After exchanging pleasantries, I pulled up the hem of my dress a little and told her to look at my nylons. She had a good laugh and it helped her feel better.

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Aliene said...

I had to laugh when I read this.
Step-ins? Who even knows that term today. My daughter is Stephanie. Before she was born my mother in law said if I named her that ~ she would call her step-ins. Pantyhose! Put a dot of nail polish one the toe in the front. Helps, sometimes. I just as soon wear knee highs. Had my laugh for today.

Barbara said...

Yeah that is some reasoning eh, hugs my friend, and have a good night, love and miss you

Deborah Bolack said...

If I lived in a warm climate I wouldn't own panyhose or knee highs! I go without as much of the year as possibe, and since I were fairly long skirts, it's not noticable. As it cools off, I wear knee highs, but they tend to cut of the blood circulation to my brain! For the ladies conference, I had to go out and buy pantyhose. When it's really cold, I switch to leotards/tights. The things we ladies must endure! :o)
Thanks for a fun post!

Belinda Jo Adams said...

I am glad you enjoyed the article and got a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine!