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Monday, March 28, 2016

I decided to take the challenge Feb 21. I had checked my calendar and saw that I had 4 weeks until my family reunion, so it would just fit and the reunion would be my celebration. But, after  week, I realized that I had looked at my computer-print off calendar wrong and I only had 3 weeks. I thought about condensing it, but I really was enjoying it, so went right on through the reunion!
My husband started it with me, but he was tired from other responsibilities and I let him off the hook after day 3, though he wanted to support me through it. However, being the eating style was mostly how we eat anyway, I could work it in with most of our meals.  =   The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit

My Reflections on the detox.
Day 31

I have finished with the 30 day detox. Well, I actually did the 30 days in 28 because of combining 3 days into 2, twice (long story)

I enjoyed reading the devotions and learning from them, helping me to see things in my life more clearly. I hope to use them in my own life and if the Lord leads, to share with others in need.

I can’t believe I have not had for 30 days:

Ranch dressing (though I had been using it mixed with olive oil.)

Bottled water (though I only use if for convenience when out and about)

No water from other sources (ie. Church, other homes, etc.) I remembered to use our filtered water out and about.

Sugar (though I hardly ever eat it, I realized I do consume it more than I thought)

No beef or pork (the doctor had told me to cut back, a couple weeks before I started the detox) Well, I must confess, I did have a bite of roasted pork at my family reunion, because Steve wanted me to see how good it tasted … and it did!)

We only had chicken and fish a few times as a treat. Mostly veggies and fruit.

 No chocolate for the first week.

Hardly any caffeine. I already had healthy green tea (lots of it) with a little caffeine and did not want to go spend more money for more tea.

No sour cream and cottage cheese (again, already doctor’s orders)

Wheat. I miss my bowl of Raisin Bran (my home made mix of cereals, not the Post or Kellogg’s that I ate for so many years) several times a week.

 Hardly any microwave use. I had stopped using it about 6 years ago and did not for 3 years. But, then I started using it now and then for convenience in re-heating my coffee. But, I do not use it to cook.

I did not indulge in the treats at a bridal shower or 2 family reunion events or 2 church meals or out with Mama.

 OK, now for what I did enjoy.

Several new smoothie recipes. I can’t believe all the various delicious smoothies in the book! Along with all the other recipes for vegetables! I had a hard time eating as much as Laura suggested. In fact, I did not eat that much, for I couldn’t.

I enjoyed socializing with the facebook group and learning from them.

I drink a lot of water anyway, but this time I counted the glasses, making sure I got 9 of them. I ended up placing 9 shiny pennies on my window sill, and moving them over to the other side one by one during the day.

I did stretch and walk, as normal.

I enjoyed the Epson salt baths and plan to continue them now and then. My skin feels so good.

I enjoyed trying to give God a tithe of my time.

How I feel: I do feel somewhat better, more relaxed. I am not coughing as much, even though it is tree-pollen season. Could it be the no-wheat?

 Before the detox, I was on medication for indigestion for 2 years. Just before the detox, I had read how the meds were not good for people. So, I decided to wean myself off them. Being I discovered ginger and mint tea, that helped.

I am off them for now and will try to take care of it naturally. (Which I was doing before, but did not work as to why I started taking the meds.) But, I will try again.

Also, I had a pain in my chest for which the doctor told me to do deep breathing exercises for 6 months and come back. (We had already checked my for heart, etc) But, then I read about the meds, that that was a side effect. So, another reason to stay off them.

 [Update about 2 weeks later: I had to go back on the meds for I hurt much, but will try again. I do not want to take them!]

 I did not lose any weight or inches, which disappointed me. I have been working on losing 20 pounds for about 20 years. I can lose the first 10, but the second will not go away, no matter what I do. I was excited about maybe being able to say I had lost it or at least 5 of it, but I now think this must be where God wants me and I plan to be content in it.

What my now goals are:

 Keep drinking filtered water as much as possible.

 Keep off wheat and most sugar as much as possible.

 Keep enjoying the smoothies as afternoon snacks and go back to my own smoothies for breakfast.

Keep walking and stretching as for my normal doing so.

 Go back to my 8 hours of sleep and not worry about getting 9, which is what we mostly did this month, anyway.

Thank Laura!!