Friday, February 19, 2010



Learning poetry is confusing
As I daily sit here musing.
Rhythm and rhymes,
Meter and lines,
I think it’s brain abusing!

© 1993 Belinda Jo Adams

(This poem was published in Housewife Writer's Forum spring 1995.)

I was trying to study poetry and learn it correctly. The more I studied the more I was confused. I had written poetry for years, just not with all the rules!


OK, my first day trying again to use coupons went well. I opened the folder up in the child’s seat of the cart and held it in place with 2 clothespins. That way, I could get at them easy. I had them organized by type of aisle and took out each group as we went down that aisle. When I finished, I let my husband put the unused ones back in its place. If I knew I did not want to use it ever, I left it on the shelf for someone else. My best deal was: Quaker oats were on sale for $2 and I had a $1 coupon! I wish I had printed more of them off. I saved $20 total and did not buy things I did not want just to save money.