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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Terms of Agreement

Does anyone read all those rules before you accept? I have, but not all the time. I usually do at least skim over them and see all the blah-blah-blahs and that they are about the same. Sometimes, when I hit accept, I wonder if I am signing away my first-born or something!
I went to site for a product yesterday, and wanted to ask a question. One of those forms came up where you have to type in your info. I sighed in resignation. “I only wanted to ask a wee little question.’ So, I filled in the dumb form, and then at the bottom, there was a place for you to read their ‘rules’. There were only 3 small ones, so I read them. The last one was:

“Finally, you agree neither to assert nor to cause or encourage others to assert against THAT PRODUCT or its designees any claim based on misappropriation, infringement, confidential relationship, implied contract or otherwise arising out of any use by THAT PRODUCT or its designees of any submitted materials.”

I could not say I would not tell anyone I did not like their product and that is what it meant to me. Well, I could not agree. Their choices were: click either agree or reset. So, I pushed reset and my comment etc were gone! Now, why in the world didn’t they put that at the top before I wasted all my time and effort thinking they really wanted to answer a question of mine? AND, I could not even send them a comment to complain without agreeing so they will never know either of my concerns!
Whew, wasted time!