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Saturday, January 30, 2010


In the photo editing listing, I used the word 'could've'. I have used it all my life, but spell check did not recognize it. It would let me do would've, but not could've. Go figure. My school teacher friend in Alaska used to shake her head at my 'southern language'. She finally asked me why we did not learn proper English grammar in the South. I told her that we learned it in school, we just chose not to use it with each other. Sort of like deaf students learn the proper way to sign English, but sign American Sign Language (ASL) with each other because it is their true language. We southerners have our own language. he-he
I have lived in so many place, I my accent is all out of shape, I have trouble being understood now that I am back home. At the same time, if any one else hears me, they ask me where in the south I am from.
My most favorite word in the south is: Jevver = did you ever. Jevver hear anything so silly in your life?

Photo Editing

I spent the last hour working with my Adobe Elements 6 to create that photo at the top. 2 weeks ago when I did the original one, I could change the background colors behind the butterflies. Today, for the middle one, the background was white. I wanted something different, but for the life of me, I could not remember how to do it! So, I decided it could be white for now and when I uploaded it it, it is light gray. That works! Whew! I could have stopped 45 minutes ago! Computing just boggles my brain. I think because I do too many different things with it, I can't remember all of all. And then, I learn something, and don't come back to it for several weeks or months, and I have trouble figuring it out again.
It is the same with making pie crusts for me, so I guess I can't blame it on the computer. ha!