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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homemade Soap

I have not had the chance to do this, but I have had the opportunity to use a bar my friend made. It is nice and I hope to make some one day. Here is her link.
Homemade Soap

Retirement Quilt

In 2005, I decided to make a biscuit quilt. I saw one somewhere and thought, ‘how neat!’ I began sewing each little pillow, and then connected them into sections. I jokingly called it our retirement quilt, because I thought it would take that long to finish it. I wanted no two squares the same so it did some doing to find the material for all the pillows. It took me 3 years! There are two squares the same but I did that for a game for the grandkids to figure out which two. I also broke about 20 sewing machine needles doing this project. When I ran out of material, and could not get to the store for more, I started going through our closet and eliminating clothing we did not need anymore! I finally got it done and a year later, we retired.