Thursday, February 26, 2015

What to do with the Turkey Carcass .... before you toss it!

For the 2 past Thanksgivings, we have not got to enjoy the meal. #1 for being sick this past year or #2 Steve's mom sick the year before. Also, though we enjoy finally being with family on the holiday, we missed preparing our own meal. So, Dec we bought a turkey ,,,, and just now found a good day to have it so ... Happy Thanksgiving in Feb..

For those who do not eat meat because of the 'junk' they put in it now, we did buy a 'healthy' one. :)

After I cleaned up all the left overs and got several containers in the freezer for later meals, I cooked down the bones and came up with 2 more quarts of meat and some in the crock pot for supper!
Making turkey and rice soup.