Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 of my favorite things at once!

Yesterday, we took Mom to see her sister who is sick. Wanting to leave them alone to talk, we (being with hubby) decided to go for a walk on the beach. (another favorite thing). There was a gentle breeze blowing so it was not too hot at 1 PM. Then, I saw a butterfly (third favorite thing) flutter around me. I turned in a circle watching it in wonder. I don't remember seeing one at the beach before. It fluttered so pretty, then toward the waves, even 'surfing' a couple, then .... splat. oooo, it was gone. After that we saw at least a dozen, most of which had the same fate. When we decided to go back to the car and were walking on the car lane between the dunes with sea oats, we noticed hundreds of butterflies traveling along the dunes along the seashore. I took a movie, but it is  a minute long, so I will just upload this photo.
I don't kow what kind they were or if they were migrating or what.

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