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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Need a Christmas Present for under $15?

Don't forget about my books! They can be ordered from Silent Word Ministries (it helps their ministry which makes me glad) or at most online bookstores ... or you local bookstore may order them.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Building our porch

It seems every time I try to start posting every day something comes up to keep me from it. But then, I am glad this item is coming up! One of the reasons we worked with the Census was to earn money for a front porch. It is becoming a reality. With friends and family pitching in to help, our dream is coming true and at a good speed! We sat on it yesterday! The trick is to get it to be stable without attaching it to the mobile home. Code office won't let it be attached. But, my hubby is figuring it out!

Almost done. But, it got cold. brrrr. Really, though he would still be working on it, but the stove at the church needed to be replaced and remodeling needed to be done because of it. But, I'd rather he be working inside. There will be some warm days again .... I am sure of it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

November Birthdays

A few years ago, I wanted a birthstone ring. My stone has always been topaz. Topaz was a pretty orange-yellow stone with flecks of brown. Now, mine is called citron and is yellow. It is not nearly as pretty. When I started looking for a ring, I was surprised. Clerks in stores thought I was crazy when I would tell them that topaz is not blue. It had not been as long as they had known! But, for the past forty years (at that time!) that I have known it was orange-yellow stone with flecks of brown! I assume topaz was also blue, but now they have reorganized the stones for the months. I thought monthly birthstones were something that was ... set in stone!
Today, I did a search online for birthstones. Here is a poem for November birthdays: Who first comes to this world below    In dreary November's fog and snow,   Should prize the topaz amber hue,    Emblem of friends and lovers true.
I thought it was interesting that my birth day (Friday) stone was topaz also. I never knew there were stones for each day of the week.
The birth month flower is  Chrysanthemum = Cheerfulness, friendship, abundance.
So, much for culture lesson for today! Enjoy the mum that was so pretty in my yard earlier. Now, the frost has got it.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


It has been more than a year since I started using home-made laundry detergent and gave up the microwave.
The detergent seems to be doing fine. Our clothing is clean and have not rotted. And, we've saved several dollars not buying the expensive stuff.
We moved the microwave out to the shed last week. Steve's suggestion being we were not using it and needed space. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it completely. It can be used there if needed. My idea is to have it on the counter we will  build one day in the kitchen so company can use it if they want. It can always be used for storage in the meantime. Time will tell.
I remember my first microwave. I wanted one but we could not afford to buy one. They had one at the school auction, but it did not sell. A friend owned it and had it sitting in their house. I made a comment about it. Later, I was collecting clothes for a needy family and they came over with a box. I saw it was the microwave box, but I thought it was clothes and told them to set it aside. They did and sat for a while. Finally, he said, "Well, if you don't open the box, I will." I looked at them funny and went to the box. Well, they had brought me the microwave as a gift! That was in the 80's. In the 00's we gave it away before one of our moves. That microwave was over 20 yrs old and still worked! Thanks Jim & Sally.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Showing

I had a nice surprise today. As I walked around the house, I saw a bug (butterfly or moth?). It put on quite a showing as I snapped photos if it. I could have touched it, but I knew better.

This one also made a showing, but only one photo turned out.

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Sewing Again

When we moved into our house after retirement, we decided to make one room the guest room and I would sew in there also. That has not worked out for it is too crowded and not convenient for enjoying sewing. And I enjoy sewing. So.... I decided I am in the house a whole lot more than company, we should rearrange. At the same time my niece needed a bed, so we gave them the bed and put the hide-a-bed in the room for company. Then, I organized my sewing!

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My Book Blog

Have you seen my other blog about my books? That is where I mostly comment on them, though, I have been slack there, also. Here is the link. Belinda Jo's books.

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