Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I've learned in 2010

I have learned I do not have to use dryer sheets. If I dry the synthetic clothes and natural fibers separately, then there is no static cling! I can also hang up those few synthetic items and save on electricity. I learned I could fix a spray bottle with white vinegar and a little essential oil and spray into the dryer to help as a softener. Or add it to the rinse cycle of the washer. When I think of money wasted buying dryer sheets! Wow. Not counting the dryer sheets in the land fills and the chemicals released into my house from them!

I learned that I could make my own foaming soft soap from regular soft soap. I noticed on a soap container my mom bought that you add 1/10 liquid soap to 9/10s water and have foaming soft soap. So, I bought 2 foam soft soap bottles and now make my own. Another thing that made me realize this is that I bought the wrong product once when I meant to buy soft soap, I bought the foam one instead and it was mainly water. Just imagine how much money the manufacturers are making off us by us buying 9/10s water from them!

I learned I can lose those unwanted pounds by being careful what I eat. I realized I was the only person responsible for what went into my tummy. I did not reach my second goal, but my first goal was reached and has been maintained. It is hard with all our social eating, but I keep reminding myself that the end goal is more important than giving in ... most of the time!

I learned I can live without a microwave. Well, I still have it because it is in the shed, but I haven't used it much at all.

I learned I can make a blog! It has been almost a year now.

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