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Saturday, January 21, 2012


We used to teach girls to be ladies. Dress like ladies. Act like ladies. What has happened? I know there are some who still do, but on the most part girls are not being taught that skill. And, yes it is a skill. Yesterday, I heard on the radio a woman expressing my thoughts about how immodest women are dressing. She referred to an outing where the mother of a teen daughter had on a top showing too much cleavage. And remarked about what the mother was teaching the daughter in dressing.
Christian Working Woman
I recently saw a post online about two couples headed off to a special event for the youth at church. A banquet of sorts. I felt sorry for the guys (if they wanted to live right) having to try to avoid impure thoughts all evening, by the way the girls were dressed. And they were Christian families. It is sad we have let the world's way of dressing flow over into our Christian way of life.

I thought about this today because of this photo I was working on this morning. It is my first photo as 'a lady'. I graduated from the 8th grade and my mom made the dress for me. she made sure I had the necklace and heels to complete the outfit.

And yes, my dress probably had a lower neckline than it should have had. However, I was not a Christian at that time and did not know 'many things' I probably should have! 
And No, I do not have on a dress for the second photo. But, I still do try to act lady-like .... most of the time. :)

Another interesting read: I just ain't dainty.

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