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Friday, October 22, 2010

Chocolate Candies

I like dark chocolate. That is, up to about 70 % or so. After that, it is too bitter. I have recently cut back, though, so am not eating as much. I miss it, but try not to think about it. 'Spring' cleaning is helping keep my mind off it. ;) Dove Candies are my favorites and I like the neat sayings. My fellow workers did, also. And you'd see little gold foils taped to their section at work to remind them or the good thoughts. One time, a lady read a saying and then the name of the person and realized it she knew the person!
A couple of my favorite promises are:
Smile - It increase your face-value (by Lisa in Linden, NJ)
Sometimes good enough really is good enough! ( Nancy Lansing, IL) That reminded me of the entry I wrote about "know your limits".
Well, I thought, it would be neat to make a page of the sayings I like (or could I legally do that?), then being I am trying to cut back and do less, I thought, Maybe Dove has a page ... and they do! Here is the link. Dove Promises You can email them to your friends, too!
I guess I'd better get back to my chore before I indulge in a piece of dark chocolate!

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Too much stuff!

I don't know about other countries, but we Americans have too much STUFF! Whew! Why do we think we have to buy so many things?? I have been organizing/straightening my house this week. With working for 5 months, then our trip, I have only done 'lick and promise' cleaning and straightening. Things sure did pile up. And so many little things I have to decide where to put or to throw out. My yard sale pile is getting bigger and bigger.
Why, oh why do we buy so much stuff? And, this year, we have cut back on buying inside things because we know we don't have room in our small place! Oh well, guess I will get up from here, stop whining and get back to work. Mighty glad I can still move around and clean house!! Now, that puts a different light on cleaning!

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I just went to their home page and found this handy guide for shelf life. It is a PDF file and can be printed off.
ZIPLOCK shelf life guide