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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Virtuous Women

Today, I am going to talk about two sites. Both are two of the most virtuous women I know. One I met recently and is a few years older than I am and a long-time pastor's wife. The other one I knew when she was a child. Check out their pages. Both have a lot to share about living the life God wants us women to live.  Barbara also has another site where women meet and share. Ask her about it!

Authentic Virtue   and   Barbara's Bakin N Bits

My Best Gift

Years ago, when I first started writing seriously, one of my assignments was to write a short article on what my best gift was. Here is what I wrote:  My Best Gift

Hearing my babies’ first words – Helping with their first steps – Enduring the agony as well as enjoying the thrill of them cutting teeth. – Listening to their stories. – Stopping their arguments – Drying their tears and sharing their hugs. – Supporting them during problems ... and victories – Taking time to teach them God’s Word. – Eight and a half years of teaching them at home, both school work and homemaking.

Time with my husband, no matter what schedule he worked. – Taking time for each other as well as the children. – One whole year of him coming home for lunch with us. – Family vacations without the conflict of job schedules.

Serving The Lord through various ministries of our church and helping others in need. – Now, time for fulfilling one of my heart’s desires with my writing; hoping to be a witness and blessing to others.

I know this may sound like a lot of gifts, but my husband and I made a decision more than thirty years ago, (almost 40 now) that I would stay home and be a full time housewife. Now that the children are grown (and now have given us grandkids) and I look back over the years, I know making that choice has been my best gift.

New Garlic Press

I use a lot of garlic in my cooking. I like the flavor and it is supposed to be good for us. Garlic. For years, we thought my husband was allergic to it, so I could not add it to his foods. [he is allergic to citrus and mangoes the same way, so it was confusing to just what made him itch.] After we retired, we decided to give fresh garlic a try and he had no rash. We decided it may be the chemicals added to manufactured garlic. (Powders, vitamins etc). This fall, he even planted a row in our garden. We look forward to not buying it after June!
My old garlic press needed to be replace because I never could get all the garlic to go through it and it hurt my hand to use it. So, I went on a mission to look for another one. They were all made of the same style and I was disappointed until I saw the red one. It was so different I was not sure, but finally made the $13 investment (took a chance) to see if it worked.
It does! I really like it. You twist it to crush the garlic and can get it all done. I still have to be careful how I twist my hands not to hurt them, but I try to remember.