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Monday, March 28, 2011

Computer Crash

We had a computer crash over the weekend. Friday, I checked my email while on facebook and something came up that told me my computer was getting viruses (or something) and I need to do a scan. It 'looked like' the window shield thing, so I said OK thinking Norton antivirus was catching something, but I was wrong. It was too late to do anything about it. After that my computer worked OK except Internet explorer would not go online. We tried to fix the online service, but our computer kept telling us we were already online, but we could not go anywhere. After most of the day of trying to figure that out, and giving up, we decided to start the computer from the beginning. We’ve had it over year anyway. They used to say you should start over every now and then anyway. So then I spend a whole day backing all my personal files from the computer to my hard drive, glad that I could! Got it done Saturday night, so we could take Sunday off from the computer. Now, I am putting back what we need on the PC. One step at a time. :)
The next day I was on my laptop and decided to check the mail. Wrong! The same e-mail came in and the same message came up, but this time I was quick enough to say 'NO!' and the laptop seems OK.

The whole goof-up to mess up the computer lasted about 2 to 3 seconds. It’s amazing how fast a computer virus will mess everything up. Usually, Norton catches everything, but for some reason did not get this one.

TY Lord, for what we have learned about computers during the last 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Family Research

I just met with an 80 yr old lady who has researched for years, one line being my family on is my Mom's side. She GAVE me her research, along with 3 books written by someone on another side who included the my family. I think I hit the jackpot! :)

I have had so much fun doing this project. I have learned much about my gg grandparents and other relatives. I can't wait to see it all compiled in a book! But, I have to, because it is going to take a long while.

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