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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Counting People

I did not know what all was involved with the work.  My job is still on, but looks like it will be done shortly. It is interesting and though I would like to quit and be back home, I do want to fiinish what I started and see the project well done.

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Cleaning House

I am in the middle of cleaning my house and need a break, so thought I'd say hello. I like for my house to be neat with no piles of stuff to be put away later, etc. But with working outside the home this spring and summer, every few weeks, I have to take a day and clear things out again. This morning, I looked at my kitchen and all the counters piled with clean dishes that needed to be put away (my husband tries so hard to help though he is working also off and on) and all I wanted to do was sit in the floor and give up!
But, I remembered about 20 years ago, going into a friend's house and she was in the same frame of mind. I looked around and said, "Forget about cleaning the house. Why don't you straighten and clean that table in the corner?" She did and later she came over and thanked me, telling  me her whole house was in order!! So, this morning I took that advice and focused on one corner of the kitchen. It is almost done now!
The reason it is getting cluttered is because I am so tired after work and I remember the quote I posted earlier and know I can only do so much so I sit and rest. After, the dishes are done and clothes are washed. :)
A couple weeks ago, we had a death in our family and relatives came for the funeral then afterwards we had friends from Missouri come to see us. The day before the death, we decided to rearrange our study. So, we took all the books, etc off the shelves and piled them on the guest bed. :) Well, they all got piled back in the study and for a 10 days everything just sat in a mess while 7 different sets of people used our guest room! Boy, that was a test for me to ignore what I could not change and focus on what needed to be done.
Now, I am sitting in my rearranged study typing this to you while I rest. But, it is time to get busy again. Maybe I can do a posting a little sooner next time!

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