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Friday, February 25, 2011

Trying to Cook

This was posted on facebook by my cousin and they are up to almost 25,000 hits. She and her family made this movie clip. It is so cute. Enjoy.
Trying to Cook

Monday, February 14, 2011


Have you seen that on products before? It is usually because the size is bigger or has 'bonus' ounces, etc. But, have you seen them say that about the shrinking packaging they are good at recently?! No, I suppose not! I read an article in Consumer Reports today about it and told my husband. He said the toilet paper in each bathroom was a different size. Then, I remembered! Last week, when I changed the roll, I thought the holder looked a little longer than normal, but went on about my business of the day and forgot. So, I got to looking and reading, and yes, they downsized the toilet paper we use! Maybe we would not have noticed if they had changed the size the other way!

Last week, I bought Lysol cleaner (the concentrated one) and when I opened it, I said I wished I had an older bottle, for I do believe they have diluted it! But, I can't be sure about that being I'm just going on memory. hehehe
Well, let's enjoy our skinnier products. At least something is losing weight and size!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Web Page

Well, I have it back online. It is not all it was, but I will work on it more when I rest my arms again. They are feeling much better, but I know too much computing gets them hurting again. But, I have started not turning on the computer until after noon and that way I don't do as much on it. AND, I get a whole lot more done around the house! :)
Belinda Jo's Novels

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Friday, February 11, 2011


How come peas and beans when they are picked fresh from the garden (or canned or frozen) are vegetables .... but when they are dried and we have to soak them and cook them, they are protein?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Johnny Belinda

My mother watched this movie when it came out. She decided that her next child would be Johnny or Belinda. Guess which child got the name?!
When I was about 13 years old, it came on The Late Show. Mama got me stay up and watch it with her so I could see where my name came from. I was not that interested in it at that time and was sleepy. Later, I wished I had watched it more closely. Then, in the 80's my sister taped it for me and sent it to me for me to watch. It is a good show. In the 80's or so, they made another one which is also good, but the original is the best, I believe. It is out on DVD now. Maybe I will order it one day!
Johnny Belinda
Johnny Belinda (1982 TV movie) [VHS]
 This one is with Richard Thomas in the 80s.

Sign Language

36 years ago, when I first started learning sign language, it was not well known as it is today. Actually, they were trying to phase it out for the other methods of teaching deaf people to learn. I was told not to bother. But, I had to learn it! It was just part of me, I suppose, even before I learned it. Besides, my mom named me after the deaf character in the story Johnny Belinda. :)
Well, when I learned, then I started working with deaf children. I found that only a few of the parents knew sign lanuage and could communicate with their children. They would call me when they had a problem for me to interpret for them with their child. Though I was glad to help, it broke my heart that they were not encouraged to learn sign language so they could have that bond.
I am glad it is more promoted today so deaf children can learn sooner and they with their parents can learn together.

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Through Your Child's Eyes: American Sign Language [Subtitled]

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home Made

I was in the mood for some hot chocolate. I don't usually drink it for it is too sweet. However, I had some at my mother's house the other night that was a dark chocolate mix. Still sweet, but it hit the spot. I kept wanting to make some myself. I also wanted whip cream on it, but not the fake stuff.
So.... I bought whipping cream (I've only made this once in my life). I bought whole milk (I've been reading that all the low-fat stuff is not good for us anyway) ... and I LIKE whole milk. I made the whip cream using half the sugar it called for and set it aside. Then I cut up a block of dark chocolate (semi-sweet baking chocolate). I put the chocolate into a pot with about 2 tablespoons of water and 1 teaspoon of honey and stirred until it melted over medium heat. I added 2 cups of milk and got it hot.
Taking down two pretty clear glass mugs from the cupboard, I filled each with hot-chocolate and topped it with whip cream. Yummm.
We sat down to enjoy it. The first two sips were very good. Then, I reached for a napkin and dumped mine in my lap! :)
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BTW, the secret to making good whip cream is having the ream, glass bowl and beaters cold.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waycross Magazine

If you go to this website, you can see Belinda Jo's photo in a magazine:

Waycross Magazine
Click the pages at the bottom to turn them, and it is on page 6.
They have my web page listed, but it is not up at this time. Maybe later I'll get it back up.

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