Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last night, when washing my hands, I realized my slip had not come down so I discreetly reached up to pull it down and explained to the young girl standing there. She looked at me oddly. I asked, "Do you know what a slip is?" She shook her head. I said, "It's an old-fashioned thing." and walked out. I have learned that most of the newer generation does not know what a slip is. A few years ago when I went into a department store to buy one, the young sales clerk stared at me as if I were an alien. I had to describe the function of a slip to her, then she vaguely recalled what it was. And, no they did not carry them.

Here is something I wrote a while back:

Slips: I have a love-hate relationship with these articles of undergarments. Slips are wonderful to wear under clothing. It makes me feel more dressed and keep people from seeing through my clothing, but static cling drives me nuts. The slip creeps up around my buttocks and I try to reach up for it without anyone seeing me. Or I try to make it to the ladies’ room and hope no one notices this bunch material around me that makes my hips look larger than normal. Then there are the slip straps. They are always falling down around my shoulder. Those stay-lock things just do not keep them in place. I enjoy the first time I wear a new slip. It feels so good and the straps are nice and stay in place. Then I wash it and some how after being in the machine they are never the same. The straps twist up and can not be straightened right again. If I have on a sleeveless dress then the strap is there for all to see, but at least I can push it back in ... and push it back in .... If I have sleeves then I have to reach in through the neck line to grab for it.

Then, of course, there’s the length of the slips. I keep saying that one day all my dresses and slips are going to be the same lengths so I will not have to worry. In a crowd another lady passes you and whispers, “You are snowing down south” or some other subtle hint. I really do appreciate their concern, but, so what! Like I can do something about it now. Sometimes I want to scream, “I like lace around the bottom of my skirt. Leave me alone!” Well what I do is head for the ladies’ room and have it out with my slip for slipping. I wonder where it got its name?

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