Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I write.

I titled this blog Belinda Jo Writes because that is what I do. Write. What do I write? The writing books say to pick one type of writing and focus on it. That would be a whole lot easier than what I do. I I keep trying to focus on one type, but it is hard. The, I see where other authors do various things and figure it is ok. But, those authors can probably afford to pay for their work to be edited, researched, etc, so it is not so confusing to them. Maybe. So, what do I write? I like historical the best. I like to take tidbits from the past and work them into a fictional story or even a poem or article. I have many items and ideas that I will never get around to writing about them all. Recently, I have decided to try to make myself focus on historical fiction short stories and major there. If a poem comes to mind, of course I’ll write it down.

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