Saturday, January 2, 2010


I grew up with superstitions. We threw salt over our shoulders for a reason I cannot remember now. If we took a piece of bread form the serving plate while we had one on our plate, it meant hungry company was coming. If a black cat crossed our path, then we went around another way. We did not walk under a ladder. I do not worry about all that stuff now, but sometimes, I have to stop and make myself walk under a ladder. If you broke a mirror it was seven years of bad luck. I would still be in trouble with that one. One time, I was riding in the car. We were within the block of our destination and a black cat crossed the path. The driver stopped, backed the car up to the intersection, and went around the block. I thought, Now, that cat came from that direction. Maybe he crossed this road, too. But, I did not say anything. Maybe that is when I stopped believing all those superstitions.
The only one that I still cannot bring myself to break is if I have a bad dream. You are not supposed to tell it until after breakfast, or it would come true. I figure it is not that long until I eat so I can wait. Maybe one day, I will get over that one, too!

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