Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Tonight, I was doing dishes after church. I rarely leave them dirty when I leave the house, but tonight had to be an exception. Toward the end, I noticed a pan that had food stuck on it and thought I’d have to soak it for a while. But, within a couple minutes it was ready to clean. It reminded me of when I was a kid at home and my sister and I would do dishes. There were nine of us so there were a lot and it would take us a long time because we argued and fussed while doing them. I don’t know why Mom let us get away with that being we were all in the same area of the house. Finally, we would get to the pots and beg Mom to let us leave them soaking. She agreed most of the time. Of course, she had to do them the next day while we were at school. After years of marriage and doing dishes, etc, I realized that if we had soaked them at the beginning of the dish washing time, we’d been able to clean them at the end. Why did Mom let us get away with that? I don’t know. I guess moms just do that.


Keith and Julie Loveless said...

If you have a particularly stuck on mess, soak some white vinegar in with the water. In about twenty minutes, the mess should pretty much wipe out. In fact, I like putting a 1/4C vinegar in my wash water, even oatmeal comes out without effort! You know, I too am guilty of leaving the pots until the end to soak, and my hubby usually does them the next morning, shame on me!

Barbara said...

Waving at you on this Thankful Thursday Belinda it is good to see you posting again.
Well being an only child I never had any one to argue with, but having 3 girls know where you are coming from. I used to tell them to pretend they have to catch a train, and only had so many minutes to get their dishes done, well that works amazingly enough, they actually stopped fighting and made it a fun time. Hugs have a very blessed day, Missing you guys, if your in the area stop by, we be here most the time..

Belinda Jo Adams said...

Julie: Thanks for the idea to use vinegar. I'll give it a try.
Barbara: we miss you guys, too.