Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Garlic Press

I use a lot of garlic in my cooking. I like the flavor and it is supposed to be good for us. Garlic. For years, we thought my husband was allergic to it, so I could not add it to his foods. [he is allergic to citrus and mangoes the same way, so it was confusing to just what made him itch.] After we retired, we decided to give fresh garlic a try and he had no rash. We decided it may be the chemicals added to manufactured garlic. (Powders, vitamins etc). This fall, he even planted a row in our garden. We look forward to not buying it after June!
My old garlic press needed to be replace because I never could get all the garlic to go through it and it hurt my hand to use it. So, I went on a mission to look for another one. They were all made of the same style and I was disappointed until I saw the red one. It was so different I was not sure, but finally made the $13 investment (took a chance) to see if it worked.
It does! I really like it. You twist it to crush the garlic and can get it all done. I still have to be careful how I twist my hands not to hurt them, but I try to remember.

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