Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Best Gift

Years ago, when I first started writing seriously, one of my assignments was to write a short article on what my best gift was. Here is what I wrote:  My Best Gift

Hearing my babies’ first words – Helping with their first steps – Enduring the agony as well as enjoying the thrill of them cutting teeth. – Listening to their stories. – Stopping their arguments – Drying their tears and sharing their hugs. – Supporting them during problems ... and victories – Taking time to teach them God’s Word. – Eight and a half years of teaching them at home, both school work and homemaking.

Time with my husband, no matter what schedule he worked. – Taking time for each other as well as the children. – One whole year of him coming home for lunch with us. – Family vacations without the conflict of job schedules.

Serving The Lord through various ministries of our church and helping others in need. – Now, time for fulfilling one of my heart’s desires with my writing; hoping to be a witness and blessing to others.

I know this may sound like a lot of gifts, but my husband and I made a decision more than thirty years ago, (almost 40 now) that I would stay home and be a full time housewife. Now that the children are grown (and now have given us grandkids) and I look back over the years, I know making that choice has been my best gift.


Frannie Halbert said...

Praise the Lord for that decision!! :)

May the Lord bless you day!
With love, Frannie

Barbara said...

Amen that sure is a wonderful testimony. Hugs Barbara