Monday, May 3, 2010

Star Light Star Bright

Star Light Star Bright, first star I see tonight, Wish I may, Wish I might have the wish I wish tonight. That was a saying I knew as a child. And I believed it to some extent, just like wishing on a wishbone from a chicken. One time, I wished for a bike. I got it! I never rode it, though; for it was broken (I can't remember what). But, time or money never let it be fixed so it just sat there until it was tossed. I guess that goes along with the saying to be careful for what you wish (or pray) for!
Anyway, I saw a lone bright star in the sky last night after church and ... yes, I made a wish on it .... just for fun.

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Barbara said...

Yes Belinda be careful what you wish for, hugs and wish I seen more of you, miss you and miss our scrabble games too.
Lots of love, Barbara