Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday at home

Well sort of, first I went to the church and helped with the once a year spring cleaning day. As much as I could that is. I cleaned the stove and then they were ready to use chemicals to mop, so I left being I have allergies and can't be around all that stuff. Hummmm .... I wonder what it will smell like in the morning for church. Being I left, I decided to go spend some time with my folks before going home.

I had a whole lot to do at home and kinda wanted to just stay home and do those things, but I 'gave' first and you know what? God blessed my time at home and I got a whole lot accomplished in a short amount of time. My kitchen is now cleaner than it has been since I started work in March. And I did not have to use stinky cleaners! I basically use hot water and natural dish soap. And some natural spray cleaner when I need that type of cleaner. My house is clean and I can breathe! I am glad they came out with natural products. Before, I basically only used water to clean things!

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jeni said...

I use natural cleaners, too! I started because I was trying to find ways to reduce my migraines. You might be interested to see some of the "recipes" I use. The end of the post includes a link to my homemade laundry detergent, too.