Saturday, May 22, 2010

I feel so helpless

‘Used to be’ I could open a potato chip bag, or those type, by pulling the end apart. Yeah, sometimes, I pulled it too hard and chips flew onto the floor, but at least I could open them without help. Nowadays, I have to get the scissors and cut the package open. I am making some rice-a-roni for supper. (I know it is not that healthy, but it is low-sodium now, whatever that means … and I am tired). Anyway, I could not get that little packet of spices open without going to get the scissors. Why oh why do they make life so hard?

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Barbara said...

Oh Belinda I know that feeling well, I have given up in trying to open any thing any more, I keep my scissors handy and use them right off, saves much struggle and anger, lol Hope you have a great day my friend, we went blueberry picking today, I put up 7 gallons in our new freezer, yeah, about got it full already, heehee, miss you all there, and give Steve and all our love.. Lots of hugs Barbara from