Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This morning at 3 a.m. I awoke and I could not sleep so I organized my coupons. I have used coupons for years, but have slacked some because of the aggravation of juggling them in the store, etc. I figured that the amount of money I saved was not worth all the hassle. I just used the ones I picked up in the store while shopping. I don't really use a lot of the stuff coupons are for, anyway. Then, I guess that should make my job easier, huh? Now, I want to use them more for the products I do buy and save money. I guess retirement does that to you. (retirement = half the money, twice the husband. I like twice the husband, just not half the money! :)
I signed up for this site and they send me an email weekly with coupons. I go to their site and choose which ones I want then print them off.
So, now I am all ready for grocery shopping, except for the energy to do so. After this bronchitis is gone and I get some rest from not sleeping, then I can see how my new organization works ... and if I keep using coupons again.

Out with the old and in with the new. I am retiring my faithful coupon holder. Many of the new ones will not fit in it. And with the new one, even my grocery list fits in it!


Belinda Jo Adams said...

I found this after I posted.
A site to encourage you to use coupons.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the websites. I used to use coupons all the time. I really need to now, being retired!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my music website. I wish you could have heard the music. The owner of the piano store, where I bought my piano, said that one could be published and recorded. I keep hoping for a recording. I am an author, publisher now with ASCAP.