Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Speech Therapy

Yolanda said... B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!!!
I saw this on a comment this morning and it reminded me of when our daughter was having trouble pronouncing her words. She could not say beautiful. She blended the first like 'boo'. Over and over we would say it as B-U-T Full, until she could say it correctly.
Later, a ENT doctor told us she could not pronounce her 'r' and needed to go to a speech therapist. We could not afford that. So, I came up with a saying 'Ryan the red racing robot ran around the rosebush in the rain'. We repeated it until she could say her 'r'!
So, with a little common sense we saved a lot of money we did not have in the first place!


Sandra said...

Phillip couldn't say a good sentence when he was little. I took him to a speech therapist at the public school and she told me what to do. I told her we couldn't afford it either. He was thinking quicker than he could say it and it came out a jumble of a mess. He could say one word at a time if you showed him a picture but he couldn't say a whole sentence. We had to make him chew large wads of bubble gum and look in a mirror while he pronounced words. It took some work but he began to speak plainly. God always makes a way for us doesn't he?

Belinda Jo Adams said...

yes, He does, all the time!

Barbara said...

I do remember those days too, my youngest girl had problems with R's lots of patience required for this, and it sure pays off in the long run, my children all speak wonderfuly now, lol hugs

HOPE said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I was a volunteer teacher for first grade at our church school for 13 years..I had one student with the same problem. Her mom had to take her to Therapy classes and guess what she did...

Just as you did!!! Great sentence for learning R. I was amazed at the simple way this helped. She improved quickly from STAW..to STAR!

By the way..I have a wonderful Butterfly story on my Watering Wells of Hope blog..look for A Lone Butterfly of Comfort, dated May 22

Happy for you!