Friday, April 13, 2012

Our New Room

I realized I have not said anything about the new room when I posted the cookie post. When we retired, we bought a small double wide mobile home so we would not owe a lot of money on a house payment, etc. We have heard of too many retired people who have such a high house payment both have to work to pay for it and we did not want to go there.
So, last year, we built a front porch on the MH. This year, we are building a sun room on the back part of it. We have the foundation done and added the sill plate and floor joist so far.
Now, we wait. Why? #1 We are tired and need to rest a bit. Don't want to get sick. #2 We need to do other things that need to be done in life. #3 We are paying for it as we go and have reached our limit of what we set for ourselves that we can pay when the credit card comes due for the month.
Long time ago, we got out of debt and have not paid interest for all these years. We don't want to start now. We can wait. It's hard, but we can wait!

Here are some photos: A good friend helped us figure out what we wanted in a design and drew up the floor plans for us. We had someone else dig and pour the foundation, then we did the finish up work, sill plate and floor joists. We did have help from family (especially one of my brothers) so that helped a lot! I just hesitate putting up photos of other people. :)

5-15 We got the floor done about two weeks ago, but then Steve got sick, and the rains came, so we covered it wth plastic and are waiting again.

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Sparky said...

That's going to look super by the time y'all are done! We've been doing Fix Up's around our home too. 'Tis the season, you know. I just wish the gnats wheren't so bad again this year.
God bless ~:)