Friday, April 13, 2012

Cookie making

We are taking a break from the building to rest and save up more money so I thought I'd bake more cookies for our next round of building.
I am not a 'real good' cook.  Now and then I come up with something different or special. But mostly, I cook just to get by and feed us. I like the sign I saw recently that said, "I only have a kitchen because it came with the house'. Well, I'm not that bad, but .... Being we eat 'diffferent' and I cook for 2 meals at a time and freeze half, it is not that hard to cook for us.
Today, I made cookies. Most times, they don't turn out just right, but are a little hard, not sweet enough, or crumbly. Today, was a 'just right' day! I had to make myself stop eating them, they were so good. The trouble is we still have some left from the last batch, we need to eat, also. I guess we'll have one of each until the old ones are gone.
About a month or more ago, I baked a 4x batch so while we were building on our new room, I would not have to bake. When they did not turn out just right, I was disappointed with all those cookies, but they were good enough to eat. :)

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