Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reusing Items

About 20 years ago, one of my aunts taught me to re-use the liners that cereal comes in inside their boxes. She recommended I use them instead of wax paper. Since then, I have had the same box of wax paper sitting on the shelf in case I need it. But, I have used mostly the inserts. I rinse them, let them dry and then store them for use later.
This year, I discovered that being they put so much glue on them now it is almost impossible to pull them apart, that I have started using them whole as freezer bags! I use the twist ties to close them or put it into already used(clean) plastic bags that I don't want the food to touch, but gives another layer of freshness to the food!
As for plastic bags, I use them again and again ... according to how clean they are. Then when I don't want to use them any more for food, I use them for scraps before throwing the scraps into the trash.
Then, of course, the shopping bags are used for trash cans. I do have all those reusable bags I bought, but I rarely remember to take them into the store!


The Loveless Family said...

I wish I had read this yesterday! I made Preacher Cookies and I realized I was out of parchment paper and wax paper. And I had an empty box of cereal sitting there waiting to be burned. Thanks for the tip.

As for those reusable bags, I don't know why we buy them. We have oodles of them and they sit in my pantry waiting for me to remember to put them in the van.

Jackie said...

Neat ideas. I love penny pinching without having to go without. I don't buy cereal often,but my daughter,with 3 children in school ,buys heaps of it. I'll pass on the tip. I also reuse baggies,especially to seal coffee used coffee grounds.