Monday, January 3, 2011

Lyric Devotions

Last year, when I started my blog, I immediately got busy working for the Census, then went on a long trip to visit our children. After that, my husband decided that now was the time to build our porch (which now I am so ever grateful for), but at the moment, it was... "What? Let me at least take a breath!" But, build the porch we did and are enjoying it!
So, being we were very busy, I did not have much time to write on my blog or to look at other people blogs too often. I have been perusing others' blogs today and find I have missed out on blessings, by reading others posts. One special place is Lyric Devotions. Deborah has written special songs that are truly devotions and has them posted for us to enjoy. I hope to do so more often!


Barbara said...

Yes Belinda I too love her lyric devotions,blesses my heart.

Sandra said...

Hey Belinda, What a busy and trying last year was. I'm hoping to get around to more blogs in my spare???? time!! I don't have much spare time but I do enjoy going to some of the ladies blogs I've met through the internet. I hope you have a great year!

Aliene said...

Yes, I love Deborah's Songs. I have several of the CD's and the song book. They have really been a blessing to me. Stop by if you can find time. Blessings!