Friday, November 12, 2010

November Birthdays

A few years ago, I wanted a birthstone ring. My stone has always been topaz. Topaz was a pretty orange-yellow stone with flecks of brown. Now, mine is called citron and is yellow. It is not nearly as pretty. When I started looking for a ring, I was surprised. Clerks in stores thought I was crazy when I would tell them that topaz is not blue. It had not been as long as they had known! But, for the past forty years (at that time!) that I have known it was orange-yellow stone with flecks of brown! I assume topaz was also blue, but now they have reorganized the stones for the months. I thought monthly birthstones were something that was ... set in stone!
Today, I did a search online for birthstones. Here is a poem for November birthdays: Who first comes to this world below    In dreary November's fog and snow,   Should prize the topaz amber hue,    Emblem of friends and lovers true.
I thought it was interesting that my birth day (Friday) stone was topaz also. I never knew there were stones for each day of the week.
The birth month flower is  Chrysanthemum = Cheerfulness, friendship, abundance.
So, much for culture lesson for today! Enjoy the mum that was so pretty in my yard earlier. Now, the frost has got it.

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Aliene said...

Hmm! Got me thinking! i think I will look up mine. Interesting.
I thought Topaz was a blue. Guess not!