Thursday, September 2, 2010

home made facial scrub

I thought about this so did a search. There are many recipes out there. Here are the two I plan to try.

Salt facial scrub

Ingredients: Salt, baby oil, Vitamin E, fragrance (if you want it).
Take a bottle with a lid. Fill more than half of the bottle with salt. Add baby oil into it. Stir
it with a spoon so that the oil seeps to the bottom of the bottle. Add a small amount of
vitamin E and fragrance. And stir it all together. There you are with your ready to use scrub.

1 tsp olive oil ( cold pressed ) and 1/2 tsp sea salt applied gently to a wet face will not only remove dead cells, but it will also improve micro-circulation. Olive oil is going to nourish the skin, leaving it incredibly soft.

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Barbara said...

Sounds good to me, try it and let me know how it does, hugs Barbara