Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Microwave Oven Update

September makes a year since we unplugged our microwave and set it aside. I have probably used it a dozen times for no more that 15 minutes total. And I didn't think I'd last a week! It really has not been that hard to use the toaster over, crock pot, hot water pot, and of course the stove!

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Connie Lynn said...

I know, a little late here. I haven't been online much but thought I'd catch up on your "news". Now if I can only get my blog caught up on. Maybe after I've caught up on others...
oh yeah, enough rambling, my comment to you on microwaves is that I've been without mine for a few months and I find that I haven't really used it at all when I had it. The only time I find I "need" it is when I get a late start on getting Nevaeh's meal ready so send the girls to James' (his motorhome is "parked" out front) but that's my fault for not using my time wisely and get behind.