Friday, January 15, 2010

Microwave Oven Use

When I was in high school, our home economics class went on a field trip to Jacksonville, FL to a department store. We were taken upstairs to a meeting room. There, they demonstrated the oven of the future to us. It cooked food fast and we were amazed that we could see something that would be for sale in our future.
The microwave oven has become a household item that we all think we have to have. I have had several during the years. I have heard controversial issues concerning them, have slacked off some, but always go back to it. Until now … I hope. While on vacation this summer, a friend warned us of the dangers of the microwave has for us. When I got home, I researched it online. Most of the places were similar and talked about almost the same warnings. Several are listed below. The only site I saw that rebuked those other places and said all was not a danger happened to be a place that sold microwaves!
I thought, you know, it would be neat to see if I could go without my microwave for a week. That week has now turned into almost 5 months. I did plug it in a couple times and heat water for us or someone, but mostly I used the stove top and toaster oven or an electric water pot. It was fun to challenge myself to do things ‘the old fashioned way.’ Then, recently, I was trying to heat up some meat loaf and it was frozen, had not thawed enough, we were hungry and it was time to eat. So, I plugged in the microwave, regardless of the danger and zapped it. After the meal, I thought about forgetting it and not worrying about it anymore. So, I went online to look at the links again. I came across Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s web site. I had not seen her site before. Some of the others I had seen before were old sites and it was refreshing to see a more updated one. I liked what she said and won’t repeat it all here. You can go to Kelly's site to read what she thinks.
I am not a health professional or anything like that. I am a housewife who is concerned for my family. For now, I plan to keep doing what I have been for the past few months. I feel as if there is something out there that is making people sick with so many different diseases. The microwave oven has been out for about 40 years. Could it be one problem among many other issues we need to be concerned about? I don’t mean to put fear in people, I just wonder why so many people are sick nowadays. I challenge you to try to do without your microwave for one week and see if you can do it!

This was our first microwave oven. Some friends gave it to us in the 80s (another neat story) and we used it for 20 years and passed it on to some more friends when we bought another one.

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Sandra said...

When I first started thinking about the dangers of the microwave, the first thing was popcorn. That was our #1 thing for it. I put some popcorn and a little butter in a paper bag and tried to pop it in there and it wouldn't. What do they put on that popcorn to make it pop? It would pop in my bag without the butter, but the bags you buy are loaded with butter and they pop up beautifully. I forget what the harmful stuff is that they put in it, but we quit cold turkey. I bought a popcorn pan and I make it on the stove and it's even better!!