Saturday, January 16, 2010

Microwave Oven 'danger' sites

Please read the post for Jan 15, about microwave ovens, before this one.

These sites explain more about the dangers of microwave ovens, if you care to research for yourself.
1 - microwave use
2 - microwave hazards
3 - Is your microwave killing you?
4 - microwave dangers
5 - Dangers of Microwaved Food
6 - microwave dangers
7 - microwave dangers

I so enjoyed my microwave, but I don't know about now! I guess next I will research plastics. I do know today I read for us to not use plastics in the microwave or dishwasher! More to come on that one!


Sandra said...

I was sent an email about an experiment where they planted two of the same plants and one was watered with water that had been microwaved and the other from the tap. The microwaved one died while the other one thrived. I'm not one to believe everything I read so we tried it ourselves. We bought a 6 pack of plants and planted them. The one with the microwave water thrived while the tap water plant died!! I would have to conduct this experiment several times before I made up my mind. But, I do believe they are bad for us. I don't cook in mine but my husband likes to warm food in them so we still have it.

Barbara said...

Well I am not one to just join in with the crowd, so many times they tell us things that are unhealthy then recant and say they are not unhealthy, we do use ours, to heat up things, I do not cook in them but we reheat food, and heat up many dishes, not sure if we will heed the warning or not, will pray about this one, but it has some fine points indeed, very interesting, and yes I have heard the controversery about the plastic bowls too.