Thursday, February 23, 2012

King James Version

Bible Versions – Some people say the Bible is not true. Or that the King James Version is out of date and should not be used. I have read the KJV all my life and have no problem with it. It is the Bible that was used for all the great revivals down through the ages. Ever since there have been so many different versions, there have been no great revivals. Think on that a minute! Our country is in a mess and people don’t respect the things of God like they used to when there was only the KJV.

There are so many versions now, they are confusing. They don’t say the same thing and leave out important verses or change the meaning to important words. They are also copyrighted, which means the publisher does not want anyone to copy it. Why?  I believe it is because of a money issue. People know the Bible is, and has been for years, a best seller. They want in on the profits. The KJV is not copyrighted.

Some people say they cannot understand the KJV because it is Old English so it is hard to comprehend the meaning so they need an easier Bible to read. I have never had a problem with it. I love its flow of words. When there is something I don’t understand I look up the word in a dictionary. As for the masculine sounding text, I never had a problem of thinking ‘man’ meant only men. In those instances, man means mankind = people = you and me!

When I memorize verses, I want them to be KJV. If not, which version would I choose? I believe Satan has brought all the versions about to make things confusing. Confusion is of the devil – not of God. Go figure. Now, I am not going to put you down if you read another version. That’s your choice. But, try reading the King James Version!! Let God speak to you and you will understand.

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Lisa said...

My sentiments exactly! You have clearly stated some of my ideas about the KJV and also some of my concerns about the other versions. Hope you don't mind, I may post a link back to your post today. Happy Friday to ya!